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MeditationAir is a leading resource for yogis to learn yoga meditation. We help you combine meditation with your yoga practice to unleash powerful physical and mental changes – on and off the mat.

Why learn yoga meditation?

Outline image of person practicing Warrior II yoga pose. Learn yoga meditation with MeditationAir

A stronger yoga practice

Through regular meditation practice, you will strengthen your breathing and concentration to unlock more balance, strength, and flexibility in the asanas.

Image of a mandala, a geometric design that symbolizes the cosmos. Learn yoga meditation with MeditationAir

Yoga & meditation belong together

Meditation is actually the goal of yoga! Traditionally, yoga is done to still the mind and relax the body in order to get the most out of meditation.

Image of a lotus flower. Learn yoga meditation with MeditationAir.

Loads of body & brain benefits

Sleep better, reduce blood pressure, ease anxiety & stress, raise self-awareness…. There are SO many proven ways that meditation makes you healthier!

Stay inspired, yogi